Make the letter B

001Have your child string some beads together and bend it into the shape of an upper and lower case B.  I had Blossom thread butterfly beads onto hat elastic and then we knotted it in all the right places to make the Bb forms and to stop the beads falling off.  Taking a tip from The Imagination Tree, I had Bud thread his beads onto pipe cleaners.  Not only are they more rigid, and thus easier to slip the beads onto, they are also much easier to shape.  A couple of quick twists and your letters should hold together pretty easily.

Beading is great fine-motor skill practice.  There is also opportunity to create patterns if that is something that interests your child.  Blossom had her own idea of patterns when we did this but now tries to make a pattern out of all manner of things.  Bud didn’t take up the invitation to make a pattern, but as we only had enough butterfly beads left to make the capital B, he opted for blue beads to finish the project.

P1010651If you don’t have any beads, and you quite like making things yourself, here’s a link for making your own coloured beads from pasta.

Author: Leanne

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